Society of
Children's Book Writers
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SCBWI-Oklahoma Book Sales Policy

SCBWI-Oklahoma Book Sales Policy  8/9/2016

(based on SCBWI Policy)

1.  Faculty books will be displayed and sold on a separate table(s).  Multiple titles by speakers are welcome, at the RA’s discretion.

2.  All members who are attending an event, where books will be sold, may display and sell at least one title, whether that title is traditionally published or independently published. The number of books attendees may sell will depend on the space available at the event, and their availability through the bookstore being used. These books will be displayed on a MEMBER table, so as to be separate from the faculty books. 

3.  If a member chooses not to have their traditionally or self-published books acquired through the bookstore, or they do not meet the deadline to have them ordered, they may sell their books at their seat. This will be announced at the event.

4.  Having a book sales table available at any of the SCBWI-Oklahoma events is subject to the discretion of the regional advisor.