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SCBWI Alternative Publishing Policy

SCBWI Self-Publishing Policy as of 4/11/14

1.        Self published members may list their books on our online store and have book launches and be on the speakers bureau.   This policy emanates from our belief that the customers will be able to appropriately decide what they want, and we are only listing—not endorsing—these works and authors.

2.       At conferences, anyone who is on the faculty has the right to have their books sold and signed, whether the books are self-published or not. 

3.      All members who are attending a regional event may display and sell at least one title, whether that title is traditionally published or independently published. The number of books attendees may sell will depend on the space available at the event, and their availability through the bookseller being used. These books will be displayed on a MEMBER table, so as to be separate from the faculty books.

4.       As far as backlist goes, if a book is self published but was originally published by a PAL publisher, it remains PAL forever.  Similarly, if a book in a series is self published, but it is a continuation of a PAL published series, then it too may be considered PAL.  In other words, the entire property is PAL.

5.       As far as Inside Story is concerned, we leave the decision of whether or not to sell a non-PAL book up to the bookseller.  They know their business and their market.

6.       As far as mentioning non-PAL books in your regional newsletters, we think it’s okay to do.  We are not reviewing, endorsing or recommending books, only stating that they are now available.

Publishing is changing, and we’re trying to uphold the traditional standard of excellence while adapting to the new realities.  

Best to you all,

Lin , Steve

Co-Founders of SCBWI